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Unlocking 10X Your Potential

30-Jan-2019 15:30:59


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Do you have goals? Do you keep them in your head or write them down?

This post explains ‘why’ having goals and especially writing them down is so powerful. I always thought I was goal-oriented but kept them in my head. Then 5 years ago I discovered Harvard research I wish I’d found 20 years earlier. The clarity of purpose I gained from writing down my goals was a revelation. Let’s recap the research.




In 1979, Harvard MBA graduates were surveyed about their goal setting habits (or lack thereof):

  • 84% had no goals 
  • 13% had goals but didn’t write them

Only 3% had written goals and plans to accomplish them. 10 years later in 1989, the same group were again surveyed:

- The 13% who had goals in their heads earned twice those without goals

- The 3% who wrote their goals down earned 10X the other 97% combined!


The message is stark: bring your goals to life by writing them down. You needn’t think 10 years out. Adamgrant suggests a plan for the next 12 months in the video below. 




So, to clarify your purpose and 10X your potential, take time to write down your goals.


By Joshua Nester, Education Director, SEEK 


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