4 Reasons Why You Must Understand Data Fara Joifin

4 Reasons Why You Must Understand Data

14-Jun-2018 10:46:31


by Fara Joifin


Here are important parts of data that you should know about, along with how it can help your career progression and organisation.

You may not be working in the technology sector but empowering yourself with knowledge on data can be a game changer for your career.

Why Understanding Data is Important

Before a set of data can be informative, or even useful to anyone will rely on how well it can be extracted and understood. Below are 4 reasons why data is important to YOU:


1. Potentially Increase Your Salary 

Did you know that the Malaysian government has set a goal to achieve 20,000 data professionals by 2020? This makes sense since the country has an aim to become ASEAN’s leading Big Data Analytics (BDA) solution hub. That’s not it, Malaysia is also one of the few countries with a structured BDA roadmap to make sure we really untap the value of big data.

Plus, the Malaysian Digital Economy Corp (MDEC) is also pushing for big data to be adopted in Malaysia. This could be to make sure that as a country, we meet the demand for data scientists in Malaysia that’s expected to increase by 2020.

This means you can be assured that you will have a job. Job security aside, it makes sense that you can also demand higher salary with your data skills and knowledge. This is because it’s very much a relevant and important skill for one to have that provides value to an organisation.


2. It Makes Decision Making Easier 

Making decisions can be tricky and making the right decisions can be even more challenging. If you are in a decision-making role, or you aspire to be in such roles, data skills can help you get there.

Understanding data and how to manipulate it can help provide clear cut decision making. Learning data helps individual to make better product decisions. The power that comes from understanding how to work with big data can be used to describe a problem, assess a situation, forecast results, and prepare solutions. 

3. You Become Smarter 

Being more information centric will help an individual, and organizations make data-driven decisions. It will also help when it comes to developing new operational, tactical and even strategic plans based on data instead of guessing or estimations. This is why you need and should have data knowledge. Learning data helps individual to make better product decisions. Ultimately, data will also help improve productivity.


4. You Become Important to Your Company 

We’ve already established that knowledge of data, and skills of dealing with it will be in demand. So, by arming yourself with data skills, you will be able to provide more value to your employer. Remember, data is and will be used even more widely across various companies, and the skills related to it will definitely be a powerful skill for you to have.


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