Want an in-demand Job with High Salary? Consider This. Fara Joifin

Want an in-demand Job with High Salary? Consider This.

30-Aug-2018 11:40:49


by Fara Joifin



These days most things are either being digitized or automated. The reality is, we can’t deny the fact that technology has become a big part of our lives. It has evolved so much that even pole dancers have been digitized. Yes, we now have pole dancing robots.

Weird technologies aside, when it comes to in demand jobs, tech related jobs are pretty high up on the list. So, if you’ve been wanting to step it up a notch with your career development, gaining relevant tech skills can really set you apart from the crowd.

Read on to know why you can become an important team member and employee by gaining skills as a full stack developer.


What is full stack?

Before we get into details of why full stack developers are in demand, let’s understand what full stack actually means.

The term “stack” means technical levels of an application, where the beginning of the stack consists of system administration like hardware and basic infrastructure. The front end part involves creating and building design for user interface (UI) and user experience (UX). Then there is the back end which involves creating and maintaining databases. All of these elements combined is known as the “stack” technology. 

A full stack developer is someone who can work across all levels of the stack. They are able to handle work from the beginning of the stack, the front end and even work in the back end part.


3 Reasons why full stack is an in-demand career option

1. Companies want full stack developers 

It is said that Malaysia will be seeing an increase for demand of iOS, Android and Full Stack Mobile Developers according to the report by Ambition.  Aside from that, Malaysia will also be seeing a peak of digital hiring and experience rapid growth of digital industry over the next few years. (Source: The Digital Market Insights Q1 2017)

So, folks, it’s safe to say that you won’t have to worry about your job security by arming yourself with full stack skills. Plus, companies are heading towards hiring individuals with full stack capabilities because it gives more value to them. For companies, hiring a full stack developer means they will get a person who will able to take responsibility for all their inputs.

This is because a full stack developer will be able to write code, deploy it and make it functional. So logically, a full stack developer will give good ROI to companies because they can get things done faster and better. After all, given a choice, any company would rather hire one person who knows all aspects of product development than hiring two or three engineers to develop various aspects of the product.



2. It’s an elusive skill 

You already know by now that full stack developers are in demand. What makes the skills of full stack developers even more important is the fact that not many people have the ability to do it.

Most developers are specialized which means they will either focus on the front end or back end part of development. However, full stack developers are hard to find because becoming one requires an individual to know how to work within every part of development. They must have the ability to contribute anywhere within the stack instead of just one part, resulting in reducing time and technical costs for companies.

The best part, since they work on both front end and back end, if something goes wrong between the two, they will know how to fix it. They will see the “bigger picture” and are capable of making ideas become a reality fruition. It can seem like the role requires a lot of knowledge and effort, which is why it’s an elusive yet rewarding skill to have.



 3. It’s a dynamic career 

Do you want to have multiple career options wherever you go? Or maybe you're the type of person that loves change and learning new things constantly. Well, that pretty much sums up what a career in full-stack development would be like. Full stack developers constantly need to update their skill set and technical know-how, meaning you will need to learn new things all the time.

Having skills of a full stack developer also means you get to explore everything to the core as you’ll be involved in various stages and parts of development.


Are you interested to become a full stack developer?

Check out a fully online course that can get you there in less than a year! No matter what you background is, you can start from any level with little to no experience required.

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