This Merdeka, let knowledge light your path to freedom Fara Joifin

This Merdeka, let knowledge light your path to freedom

06-Aug-2018 18:19:40


by Fara Joifin



As we mark 61 years of achieving independence, we must ask ourselves, are we really free? We have freed ourselves from colonialism, but where do we stand in terms of freedom of knowledge and literacy? Learn why we might lack in that department, and what YOU can do about it.

In Malaysia, the stereotype view of educational success is for school children to collect a string of A’s. That limits the educational productivity of our younger generation to only formal, written examination. We need to break free from this unhealthy culture that can stifle our progress as a nation.

Education is more than just regurgitating facts to sit for examinations and collect as many A’s as we can get our hands on. For too long, we’ve put too much emphasis on academic achievement. When in reality, we all have talents, just in different areas and we need to nurture our talents instead of squandering it to conform to academic achievements.


Education should be full of happiness. There is no point having an education when you are living a stressful life,” Dr Maszlee Malik, Education Minister


There’s so much more to learn than just math, science and history. All important, but we shouldn’t neglect other areas like learning how to code so you can build the next breakout app, or learning how to improve processes to simply be better at making things happen on budget and on time, or learn how to manage people so you can become a better leader.


JobStreet Education Wants to Help You Achieve Your Freedom

We want to help you achieve your career goals through the right education. We make it easy for you by providing trustworthy and reliable advice so you can find a programme that matches your needs.



We help you achieve your independence

Reach your true freedom with knowledge that interests you and nurtures your talent and strengths. We make education more accessible by bringing global education at your fingertips. You don’t have to give up your day job to enrol in a university. You decide when and what you want to learn. From IT courses, leadership and management, fashion, sports management, digital marketing and more for you to choose from.



We help you sort out the unknown

Are you hoping for a career change, or you want to progress further in your career? Making a career change can be intimidating, but definitely not impossible! We’re here to give you reliable advice when you’re stuck at crossroads. We’ll work through the whole process with you so you can begin your learning journey on the right note.


We help you have more time for yourself

Deciding where to study, and which course to take would require you to do some research. JobStreet Education will help you skip all of that hassle and even help you save time.

We have curated education choices from all over the world on our platform so you don’t have to search around. We’ll also provide all the information you need from course information, subjects, eligibility and anything related to help launch your learning journey.


We give guidance and advice

We specialise in helping you choose the right course to suit your needs and personal situation. We have the latest credible insights to help you strategise and reach your career goals. Our Education Consultants will guide you every step of the way.


We’ll work with your needs

Depending on our circumstances, we all have different needs when it comes to learning. Whether you have financial constraints, time constraints or other limitations, we’ll help you through it. We provide a flexible service designed to fit your needs. Talk to us and we’ll figure a solution for you!

The right education is essential to freedom and self-progression. Remember, money and power can be taken away from you, but no one can take away your knowledge. The economy can go up and down but your skills and knowledge, that’s an asset that can bring you returns, and help you improve your life direction.

This Merdeka, let’s achieve your true potential by pushing your knowledge boundary and taking the first step towards that. It’s time to be free physically, emotionally, and most importantly, mentally. #MalaysiaBoleh! #NeverStopLearning

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Fara Joifin

Written by Fara Joifin

I'm an advocate of empowering others and a firm believer that we rise by lifting others. Let's #neverstoplearning

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